Hello there and welcome :)

This shall become a place for my attempt to satisfy my hungry ghost :) Aka me reporting about me messing around in my rather tiny kitchen.

I like simple, easy to handle food and recipes. So I hope I will be able to present some of them here. I am still just starting out and unknown to all this blogging and its possibilities, so please just bear with me until I’m just a little more customized to all of this.

If it comes to food, I am an all eater. I do like “healthy” stuff and I’d say that about 70% of the stuff I eat is kinda healthy (or what in my opinion or experience works for me and my body). But I also really like to indulge in food, so there you have the other 30% ;) I am mainly cooking and eating vegetarian meals, but certainly not exclusively.

And I really enjoy baking. It doesn’t always turn out the way it was meant to be, as I am barely able to stick to a recipe, but often enough I am left with a somewhat quite eatable mess. And sometimes even with something real nice :) So I hope in the future I will have a little more of the latter and get better by time. Also, since I am forced to be a little more aware of measurements here, let’s hope that this will help :)

Who am I?

I am still studying, older than I’d like to be and most likely belong to the top 10 palest persons in the world. I like foxes, quiet places, cakes and chocolate (well, who doesn’t…). Oh, and I like telling lies sometimes. No big stuff, just stuff that confuses people. But I usually tell after about 5 minutes ;) If I could wish for a superpower, I would love to be able to fiddle with time. I do not like noise, papayas and having to wait. I am rather clumsy and unintentionally funny, but hey, people laugh anyway, so I guess that counts as a pro.

a word on diets, food and attitudes

Lately, there is all this stuff about eating and living healthy going around. So many people tell you to eat this or that and it will change your life forever. For the better of course. I personally don’t really believe in one big diet that works for everyone. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Different people like different foods or react differently to them. Sure, if you are lactose-intolerant you might want to avoid milk and such. But for a person who can drink milk without having to run to the toilet afterwards, I find there is only one reason to not consume dairy products: taste and mood. The “one” healthy diet that applies to everyone doesn’t exist in my opinion. There might be food with more “nutritional value”, but if you eat modest and a variety of foods in general I don’t think you have to stick to those foods exclusively and go for a fat-drunk-donut once in a while. As long as your body can handle it there is no harm, is there?

I think people should be allowed to eat and drink what they feel like. If ones wants to stick to a certain diet for whatever reason, sure why not. It’s a personal choice. But I always get annoyed if a person or group tries to teach or preach the “right way to eat”. There are just many. Some people decide to live vegan or raw or they decide to have steak once in a while. I don’t think that one of them eats “better” than the other.

I also don’t quite like the idea of “good” or “bad” / “guilty” food. Advertisement like this always get me fed up… Food is just food. I do however believe that there is a big problem with meat consumption and production and such. And I think that politics should be more active in those areas.

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  1. High five on the section “a word on diets, food and attitudes”! Lovely blog you have here! :) Looking forward to seeing more. ;) x


  2. Hi, nice to meet you. Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog, Lynne’s Recipe Trails and for the ‘likes’. I am excited to visit your blog. Have an awesome day :-)


  3. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and liking a few of my posts. I agree with your thoughts on food and diets, although I can get a bit preachy in real life, but then go see what’s in my kitchen and what I really eat!


  4. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a few of my recipes! Your food looks yummy — I’d like to try out some of your recipes. :)



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