Smoothie Infused White Tea

Hey there :)

So finally the holidays are over (well, okay half a day is left ;)) and if you are like me and almost every other person I know I guess we all ate and drank too much. Way too much. But I guess that is how it is supposed to be.

But anyway, I thought no one needed another big meal recipe, so here is just some light drink to sip on a cold afternoon. Something easy and soothing :)



I wasn’t quite sure though what to name this drink. It’s a bit too thin to be a smoothie for me, but with the fruits it’s also not just tea anymore. But well.. who cares for names.. It’s either e smoothie infused tea or a tea infused smoothie ;)


Thanks to the orange and ginger it has a nice fresh taste, actually a bit like a fruit punch. On the other hand the honey (which can be left out if it doesn’t fit your diet) white tea makes it warming and gives off a cozy feeling. Double Power. Wee-hoo :P

So, white tea, eh?

You can use basically any blend you prefer, I have used this one and I was happy with it, but really any will do.

Compared to other teas white tea is one of the most natural teas, as it is barely processed and usually the process of making white tea is done within one day.

White tea has a lot of properties that makes it quite healthy. It contains some minerals, especially potassium and fluorid (yep, that stuff from your thoothpaste), also it has some Vitamin B1 and, of course catechines. Catechines have antibacterial and anticarcinogenic effects and are known as antioxidants. If you tend to get migraine white tea might also help a bit thanks to the methylxanthin it contains. And while I don’t think that just drinking tea will get you to lose weight, white tea can help to stimulate your metabolism. Oh, but don’t drink it too late in the evening or night for obvious reasons: caffeine. It’s not as strong as in black or green tea though. Sill, just to ensure a sound sleep… ;)

So all in all I think it’s a nice add in and it pairs well with the fruity flavor of the rest of the ingredients. It’s way lighter than a normal smoothie but still gives you a vitamin boost while warming you from the inside. And for me it’s also the perfect way to use my new mug. Foxes, yippieh yeah :)



Btw. which cup is better, black or white? or the fox one? ;)


prep. time: 7 minutes +++ serves: 2


  • 2 Cups / 500ml freshly brewed good quality white tea (best quality white tea is called silver needle by the way)
  • 1 orange, juice
  • a 2cm piece of ginger
  • 1 tsp. honey (can be omitted if you don’t eat it)
  • 3 Tbsp. blueberries
  • squeeze of lemon juice (about ¼ lemon)



Brew your favorite blend of white tea. I have used 2 teaspoons for 750ml and brewed it for 4 minutes, but depending on the quality this can vary.

Place all the ingredients in a mixer and blend until ginger and blueberries are completely blended with the liquid. As the tea is hot leave some space for the steam to escape the blender.

Strain through a sieve and fill into mugs. Enjoy warm.


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