Hey there :)

I was just wodering, do you guys know anything about Skyr? I have recently found it at our local supermarket and before that I have never heard of it.

So, I did a bit of checking in the internet, but most sides were more or less advertising it as they were selling it, so I am not sure about the “truth” in those information.

What seems to be sure is that Skyr is some yoghurt-like dairy product. Or a mix between curd and yoghurt. But it seems to contain more protein than normal yoghurt and less fat. That’s why a lot those pages were advertising it as healthy.


I myself bought it too check it out. If it comes to consistency it is a bit harder than normal yoghurt and maybe is a bit tarter. So taste-wise it was just fine, but not too different form yoghurt. For me that means a nice light treat with some fruits ;)


Do you have any experiences with Skyr? Or do you now some sites to check that aren’t selling it? I’d love to find out a bit about it :) I’d love to hear if you have some experience with it, also when it comes to baking or cooking :)

Have a nice weekend!

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