Blueberry-lemon-zucchini cake

Hey there :)

Do you also have those recipes that you keep wanting to do, but sort of never get around to actually make them? I have tons of them. This is one of those that I have wanted to make for about a year now. Well, not exactly this recipe, but the idea of zucchini bread or cake was in my head. At least I can cross the zucchini cake off the list now. I even made it in two variations: one big cake and several small cakes. Both were nice, but I think I like the smaller ones better. They were a little fluffier, the big cake was denser. But both variations work for my taste buds.


Well, I am happy I finally did make the cake(s), the zucchini gives the cake a nice moisture without making you feel you’re eating a vegetable. And lemon and blueberry is always a good pair, especially in summer.

Apart from that it is a pretty normal and classic cake recipe, containing eggs, dairy and gluten.


The zucchini bread by the way is still to come. I hope I can make that soon.

hooray for blueberries!


Blueberries are one of my absolute favorite fruits. They have loads of antioxidants calledanthocyanins which also give them their blueish color.

There are studies that state that blueberries are good for cardiovascular health, a good thing for your memory – or your brain in general (not that I would need that though ;P…ok, maybe I do…) ,and also good for your eyes.. or much goodness… ;) Plus a lot of other stuff.

They contain some B-Vitamins, Vitamins C, K and E, some manganese and copper in smaller amounts. You can check out some stats here.


prep time: about 30 minutes + baking time +++ yields: one big loaf or at least 12 small loafs but probably more


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 medium zucchini
  • 1 ½ Cup / 200g white flour
  • ½ Cup / 50g cornstarch
  • 1 Cup / 200g coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 150g soft butter
  • 1/3 Cup / 80g Mascarpone
  • 2 lemons, zest and juice of 1
  • 1 tsp. vanilla powder
  • 1 Cup / 170g blueberries


Wash the zucchini, blueberries and the lemons.

Grate the zucchini, place them into a sieve and put some salt over them. Set them aside for about 10-15 minutes. They will lose quite some water.

In a bowl mix together flour, cornstarch, a pinch of salt, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla powder and zest of the lemons.

In another big bowl mix together the soft butter and sugar until creamy. Mix in the eggs one by one. Then add the juice of one lemon.

Mix in the flour-mix and the mascarpone bit by bit.

Squeeze the water out of the zucchini. It’s easiest if you use a cheese cloth. Fold the zucchini under the batter.

Then carefully fold the blueberries under the batter.

Pour the batter either in a 30cm long loaf pan or into about 20 mini-loaf pans / muffins tins (depending on hoy much batter you are using and the size of your tins).

Bake at 175°C for about 50 minutes for a big loaf or for about 30 minutes for the smaller loafs.

5 thoughts on “Blueberry-lemon-zucchini cake

  1. YUM! This bread looks so amazing and healthy! I wonder if I could make them with flax eggs instead of regular eggs? And vegan butter or applesauce in place of butter? I’d love to make it vegan so I can still enjoy it! If I can’t, I’ll pass the recipe along for my mom and grandma to enjoy.
    Also, how did you make the GIF and post it onto wordpress? I’m so curious on how to! Thanks!


    1. Hey :) I have not tried making a vegan version of it, but if I were to I would sub the eggs with about 1/4 -1/3 Cup of apple sauce, the butter with coconut oil (or vegan butter) and the mascarpone for soy yoguhrt. But as I never done this myself I am just guessing here an can’t make any promises. flax or chia eggs should also work

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