Sourdough Bread with a Twist

Hey there :)

Aaaand again: A sourdough recipe. I will keep it a little down hereafter, but this recipe is perfect for barbeques and there will be some ahead I guess ;)

You could if course also go with a plain baguette. But bringing this to a barbeque will be so much better. It looks and tastes more exciting than just some white bread. So, what’s so special? To be honest, not that much. The base still is a basic sourdough. But here is the twist: it is twisted ;)

In Germany we call this Wurzelbrot. The translation would be root bread because of its resemblance to a root. Okay. The explanation is a bit dull. But it still looks cool. And it has some dried tomatoes and roasted onions in it. So even without any spread or dip they still have some nice flavor that stands for itself. But of course a nice dip lice guacamole or hummus won’t make it any worse ;)

The sourdough (once again) gives the bread a nice texture so it won’t be too dense. And it actually will get quite some volume thanks to it. I always find this very fascinating. How a small ball of dough turns into a big one and then into a bread ready to be eaten. Don’t you think that’s kinda magic? :)

Oh, and by the way, if you also like sourdough there is this amazing site. I recently found it and am already amazed about the variety of things one can do with sourdough. Also gives some good and easy to understand explanations and tips. So if you are into bread baking (especially with sourdough) you should definitely take a look :)

Okay, back to the recipe. As I said it’s perfect for barbeques or picnics. As it will yield a big amount of bread, you want to make them when you are seeing some friends or you can half or quarter the recipe of course. Also feel free to alternate the fillings. Try some olives of feta for example instead of the tomatoes and the onions. Or put some herbs in it. Be creative here :)



prep time: about 5 hours, including waiting time but excluding the the time to make the sourdough +++ yields: 6 medium long twisted breads


for the sourdough:

  • 50g active rye sourdough
  • 100g whole wheat flour
  • 105g water

for the rest:

  • 900g bread flour (type 550) or 450g whole wheat + 450 g white flour
  • 490g water
  • 23g salt
  • 10-20g fresh active yeast (depending on your sourdough. Can be omitted if your sourdough is strong)
  • 50g oil from a glass of dried tomatoes or some olive oil
  • 50g dried tomatoes
  • 50g danish onions
  • some coarse corn meal


The night before making these mix together the sourdough starter, whole wheat flour and the water (lukewarm). Cover with a towel and let ferment overnight.

The next day stir the yeast (if using) into the lukewarm water until dissolved.

Then mix together the fermented sourdough, the rest of the flour, the salt, the (lukewarm) water and the oil. Work the dough with your hands or a kneading machine until smooth.

Divide the dough into two equal parts (you can eyeball this)

Cut the dried tomatoes into smaller pieces and carefully knead them into one part of the dough until evenly distributed.

Knead the Danish onions into the other half of the dough.

Let both doughs rise in two separate big bowls for about 2-3 hours. During this time, fold them about 10 times in the bowl.

Take the dough out of the bowl and divide each doughball again into 3 pieces (if you prefer smaller breadrolls, divide into 6 pieces). Form them into long rolls.

Twist each roll around themselves: Hold one end on each hand and twist your hands in opposite directions.


Roll the twisted rolls into the coarse corn meal.

Place on two parchment lines baking trays and let sit in a warm place for about 30 minutes. They should have grown bigger by that time.


Preheat the oven to 230°C. Place the breads into the oven and throw about a cup of water into the oven. Be careful because there will be hot steam. Bake the twisted breads for about 25-30 minutes.

Done :)

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