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I have made nut butter several times by now. Although I am now happy with the results, when I first made some nut butter – or I should say when I first attempted to make nut butter – it didn’t work out that well. I only had a regular blender. Perfectly fine for making smoothies or nut milks, but aside from that it lacked some power. At least for grounding nuts to nice, creamy, silky texture. But I wasn’t aware and in full hope of making my first own nut butter I happily put some almonds and cashews in the blender and started the blender. Wasn’t for long until I realized this would not work. The nuts didn’t stick to the button, the blades and the motor weren’t strong enough. The blender went went super hot, but I was still far away from a usable nut butter. So when I realized this would not work, I decided to take the nuts out in a bowl and mix them with an immersion blender. I guess I don’t have to mention this also didn’t work well. So I ended up adding a lot of oil and kept mixing, alternating between blender and immersion blender. After 2 or 3 hours (I had to take breaks as the motors went hot) I had texture that was sort of okay, but not what I had hoped it would be.

Lucky me, I was given a nice powerful blender for Christmas. And guess what – suddenly I could make nut butter. It still takes some time and at the beginning I wasn’t sure whether it would work or not, but it did. Hooray :D

So, what I am trying to say here, if you want to make this recipe, or any other nut butter recipe, you need to have strong tool (be it a food processor or a blender) otherwise you will be left with a big deal of frustration and maybe some wasted nuts. I have used an Omni-blend 5 and it worked. It still took some time and attention though, so be prepared and willing to give those ;)


In case you do have a powerful tool, nuts, time and the will to proceed you will be left with a nice and creamy texture. Not overly sweet, yet sweet enough for a nice afternoon snack smeared on some good bread; a nice dip to compliment some apple slices; a perfect topping for some decadent oatmeal; or you can even use it in baking instead of butter in some recipes… Nomnomnom :)

I personally really love it on top of this applebread together some raspberries. :)


yields: about 1 Cup +++ prep time: about 45-60 minutes


  • 1 Cup / 165g Cashews
  • ½ Cup / 65g Walnuts
  • 1/3 Cup / 60g Hazelnuts
  • 2 Tbsp. coconut sugar (or use brown sugar or if you want to cut out the sugar completely, that also works)
  • ½ tsp. tonka bean, ground
  • pinch of salt


Heat oven to about 150°C and roast the nuts for about 10-15 minutes, turning them around several times.

Take out of the oven and let cool slightly.

Skin the hazelnuts: Put the hazelnuts in an old cloth, fold it around them and rub until the skins come off. It is okay if some skins are still left, but the main part should easily come off like this.

Put the nuts together in a strong blender. And I mean strong here.


Pulse several times until a coarse “meal” forms. Add the salt and the tonka bean.

On the lowest speed possible mix the nuts until the blades spin without any nuts to ground. Stop the blender and press the nut mixture down.

Again on low speed mix until the blades run without grinding anything again. Press down the nut mixture. Keep repeating this about 40-50 times. I know, it takes a long time and at the beginning you might think it will not work. Just hang in there.


When the mass begins to get creamy, add the coconut sugar.

Then keep mixing again. The intervals you are able to blend the nuts without the blades to lose the grip should increase a lot by time.


Blend until desired creaminess is reached. Finally :)

Scrape out the blender and fill into an airtight jar. Keep in the fridge and it should last for at least a month.

You might not get all the butter out of the blender, so to not waste the rest you can go ahead add some water and you have fake nut milk. Or add a banana, some liquid and spices for a nice smoothie ;)

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